There is something definite about the word ‘results.’ It conjures up visions of big increases in sales or salaries, or maybe getting a promotion with a title, or generating record profits. ExecWorth helps client’s focus on accomplishments like these. However, we like to distinguish the difference between goals (the bigger long term accomplishments) and objectives (the shorter term building blocks) needed to reach goals. Tasks and Time Management always come into play as well.

Value Added

Our emphasis is on every day “value added” activities. We track data in terms of numbers, percentage gains, people changed in meaningful ways – performance measures everyone understands. ExecWorth also looks to change lives: a strategic move to a new company or location, revitalization of a troubled organization; or movement toward a balance between one’s personal and professional life.

A Structured Approach

“I encourage clients to manage their careers and companies with a structured approach. If the plan is not in writing, there is no plan. A desire to change and grow is important. Follow through has to be carefully monitored each step of the way. That’s where the performance issues come right to the fore. Real results can be measured. There’s no kidding yourself.”

  • Our Objective:

    • Help people make the most of their lives
    • To lead
    • To grow professionally, thrive financially, and contribute meaningfully to the welfare of others