‘Dynamic’ suggests continuous change for the better, while ‘Process’ suggests organized framework or structure. We believe both are true for the services we offer. Our latest addition to the ExecWorth tool kit is Mind Mapping. Though not for every situation, this is a marvelous way to outline ideas and projects in a structured way – as an individual or as part of a team.

Coaching Tools

ExecWorth’s tool kit seems to change and readjust constantly. However, there are a number of stalwarts that we use most frequently. These include:

  • Search Light One – Identification of Key or Major Accomplishments.
  • Private Preference Insights – Likes & Dislikes.
  • SOAR – In Depth Analysis of Results.
  • Time Robber Rescue.
  • Pro Journaling – Personal Innovation Strategies.
  • Mind Mapping.
  • SKYPE Video – Long Distance Coaching.
  • Action Plan System & Tracking Tool.
  • Written Monthly Progress Reports.

Innovation Based

ExecWorth draws extensively on material produced by the Peter Drucker Foundation as well as his many popular books on creative leadership. We recognize that most effective innovations start small. By appealing to a targeted market, a product or service requires less money and fewer people to produce and sell it. That simple approach encourages ExecWorth clients to think about innovation on a step-by-step basis.

Clients Lead

As the market grows, the innovative client has time to fine tune their processes and stay ahead of the emerging competition. Another major point is to aim at local market leadership. If an innovation does not aim at leadership in the beginning, it is unlikely to be innovative enough to successfully establish itself. Leadership here can mean dominating a small market niche.

Tailored Approach

Every client we work with is different – we keep that in mind as we tailor our recommendations to the situation and personalities involved. Regardless of the circumstances, we always try to focus on results or outcomes. Small steps can be measured best and experienced more frequently – getting in the habit of success.

A Commitment to Action

The starting point is to affirm where we’re headed with a project or an effort. Is it well thought through? Do we have a Plan Outline in writing. Goals & Objectives. Action Steps. So we always start with the strategy, move to the action steps, and then measure our progress. Measurement includes numbers, people, percentages and milestones. A commitment to action is central to our dynamic process.

  • Our Objective:

    • Help people make the most of their lives
    • To lead
    • To grow professionally, thrive financially, and contribute meaningfully to the welfare of others