Big Gains, Low Fees

ExecWorth runs a low overhead operation where there is no profit motive involved. Fees are modest and cover allowances for time and expenses. The 501(c)3 standing is too costly for this small endeavor, plus there is no requirement for us to apply. Any left over money is distributed to worthy causes. So far that has not happened.

Share Expertise

The idea of sharing hard earned expertise at affordable rates goes back to our beginnings. There is no substitute for learning the hard way, but coach-mentors can save people many unnecessary heartaches. By making it very affordable, we can help more readily whenever we are called upon.

Since the very beginning, we have offered to work with those in need for discounted or free services. Though most of the professionals we serve are gainfully employed or financially sound, our ongoing availability to help those facing health, financial or personal challenges continues indefinitely.

Lower Costs

The basis for ExecWorth fees is centered on level of difficulty involved in the assignment and how long the project may take for completion. Generally speaking we allow for a minimum of twelve weeks. Some assignments will last for much longer, but our engagements are rarely for less time. Hourly billings are established in a range – from a minimum of $40/Hr. to a maximum of $75/Hr, fees well below the minimums for most qualified executive coaches. Our charges are also tax deductible in many cases. If  a possible client can not afford the cost due to extenuating circumstances, we will consider moving ahead without compensation.

  • Our Objective:

    • Help people make the most of their lives
    • To lead
    • To grow professionally, thrive financially, and contribute meaningfully to the welfare of others