Look Ahead Thoughtfully

Today, ExecWorth services are available throughout the United States and around the globe. The ability to do this involves a proven technology called Skype Video. PC’s armed w small, high efficiency cameras provide us with easy to arrange face to face communications.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving is at the heart of Execworth’s Services. It may involve an organizational challenge that calls for objective evaluation. Often we are called upon to serve as a sounding board when important changes are to be considered. Regardless of circumstances, our involvement establishes that our client takes the need for change seriously. For without a serious commitment, the best of  services are subject to disappointment.

How We Get Started

Starting points can vary, but we usually recommend careful gathering of information about each situation. The more background we have, the better we can expect the solutions to be for our client. From there, client’s choose the emphasis they prefer:

  1. Executive Coaching
  2. Career Management
  3. Capacity (Income) Building
  4. Professional Development

Examples of Outcomes

In most circumstances, our services cover elements from each of the above. Outcomes range from turn around of a manufacturing business, to helping people earn more money, change directions or shift plans for growth. More often than not, we uncover strengths and weaknesses that had been overlooked earlier. Action plans are adjusted accordingly.

  • Our Objective:

    • Help people make the most of their lives
    • To lead
    • To grow professionally, thrive financially, and contribute meaningfully to the welfare of others