Creative Job Hunting

We like to treat job hunting as a serious endeavor, just like building a business. Do the homework. Analyze the situation. Create a plan of action that considers all available avenues: recruiters, search firms, social networks, personal relationships, direct contact targets – Best, Primary & Secondary – ranked; spot opportunities, leaders in the news, and more. It takes a relentless effort in today’s marketplace. We create resumes, letters, websites, and links for the most discriminating professionals.

No To Outplacement

This is a popular service for many companies that are cutting back: provide counseling, offer an office and a phone, and give a hearty handshake. ExecWorth takes a more strategic approach following the disciplines practiced by most well run organizations: strategic plan, carefully orchestrated action steps, continuous monitoring of results – all designed to speed the re-employment process. We do not usually market our services as outplacement, but we do offer an alternative for the more discriminating client.

Personal Marketing/Branding

This can be designed for virtually any circumstance and it involves everything we do consciously to attract, retain and delight customers . . . or employers. The very same disciplines taught in graduate business schools around the country are introduced in our personal marketing services: Branding, Strategy, Gaining the Edge, Winning Promotions, Finding a New Employer, and more.  The higher you go up the ladder, the more you will want to practice the very best methods for marketing yourself.

Enjoyable Second Careers

Second careers are mainstream for many these days. Our clients have gone into their own businesses, written books, volunteered for service abroad, or switched from military to civilian occupations. For others, we have searched to add deeper meaning into their lives. Sometimes the possibilities are hidden, sometimes we are all surprised what happens from searching in an organized manner.

Board Membership

Serving on a Board of Directors can be a logical extension of talents already developed. Even then- sound planning and an organized  effort are recommended for most executives and professionals who have such an interest. Whether you join a non profit board or that of a public company, there are many satisfying rewards to consider.        

  • Our Objective:

    • Help people make the most of their lives
    • To lead
    • To grow professionally, thrive financially, and contribute meaningfully to the welfare of others