Be the Best You Can Be

A Path to Follow

Success is not just about making more money, but income is a factor for most of our clients. “Success is the achievement of that which is intended, so you need clear directions above all – a path to follow.” Ed’s history is filled with marvelous stories of change based on his coaching and advice:

Life Changing Experiences

The fund raiser who learned windshield repair; the sales executive who almost tripled his income ($48K to $140K) ; the business owner who switched industries for 10 times more profit. One senior auto executive became an investment banker, another from the food industry started teaching at a famous B-School, and a two star general became a civilian CEO. There was even a non profit executive director who took a demotion in order to move ahead. Each had a life changing experience.

Nice Promotion

Gail P. had serious problems with her boss. We helped her fix that and then launched a campaign targeted at New England. Two months later she accepted a position in Boston with a bigger title, a 50% raise (To $150K), and a management team she enjoyed. Dr. Dave (Ph.D.) mastered organizational challenges to move into the hierarchy of one of the nation’s largest non profits.

Great New Business

Factory owner Jack C. did not enjoy coming to work anymore. We found his passion was in another field. As a result of our recommendations, he appointed a new general manager and started a business in his primary area of interest. This was a very big move for Jack, but he is very glad he did it. Sometimes, the old business can become a new business. Jack took a real estate portfolio from average to superior within three years – moving from self financed to investing OPM (Other People’s Money).

Much More Fun

Picture yourself a captive of your job, forced to put in the hours to maintain an income – and suddenly your fired! For J.T. this proved to be the time to become an entrepreneur. His income goes up and down, but he loves his work, controls his own schedule, and plays 120 rounds of golf every year. Yes, he is having much more fun and has all the money he needs. The secret to fun is found in the passion for the work. We have helped uncover new directions for fun lovers on scores of occasions.

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